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Wide Selection Expert Advice


Brantford Ceramic Tile & Hardwood has a vast selection of graded flooring. From clear grade, common grade, cabin grade. Whether you want a floor with a nice rustic appearance or one with a more modern and refined aura, Brantford Ceramic Tile & Hardwood can provide a product with a surface that is rich in color, well-designed and durable.


Solid Hardwood floors can be installed at or above grade. Conversely engineered flooring is more adaptable and can be installed at all grade levels, keeping in mind the ambient condition requirements.


Like all natural hardwood products, solid hardwood flooring’s color varies from board to board. The character and makeup of the hardwood can differ as well. This is what makes natural hardwood truly special and distinct — no two boards will be identical. Such variation offers a beautiful contrast and balance, which will accentuate the details and design of the flooring.


Engineered hardwood is much more stable and adaptive than solid hardwood. It exhibits better resistance to heat and moisture. It’s also suitable for below-grade installations. Engineered hardwood tends to be stronger than solid hardwood, as various layers reinforce it. The ideal location for engineered hardwood is on a concrete subfloor or any floors above grade.