In our showroom you can see samples from several different manufactures of hardwood floor and Laminates. Each of the manufactures have there own hardwood collection featuring beautifully finished hardwoods from around the world. Each manufacture has there own colors and species with different widths of boards available. Hardwood flooring is also available in different grades to give your room a different look.

There are certain factors to consider when purchasing your hardwood flooring. If you chose a exotic wood your have to realize that over time the Exotic wood will become even more beautiful and unique with its natural color variations.

We offer three types of flooring to choose from. Pioneered ¾” Solid, Crafted 9/16” Engineered for high humidity areas, Solid Sawn ¾”structured which is our most stable floor.

When selecting a floor for any room in your home, please remember that it is vital to main proper humidity levels according to the structure you select. This will minimize the expansion and contraction in your floor while maximizing the life of your hardwood floor. In addition you should also consider the hardness of the species selected as some species may be more adaptable for high traffic areas.

One of company that we carry has the smallest “micro v” in the industry, which means with a smaller v you get less dirt build up.

Some of our manufactures offer matching trim pieces and touch up kits that you can finish off your project with ease.

Come into our showroom and take a look at our displays available

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